Virtual WinterBlast 2021

Lifting Spirits with Pyro

February 12-14th, 2021

Thank you to our amazing volunteers for their hard work in making this year's event a success! Your efforts were appreciated!

From the WPA Board of Directors

The WPA’s Virtual Winter Blast was a big success, and Lifting Spirits with Pyro described the event perfectly. Thank you to everybody who worked, sponsored or presented at the event, for giving pyros a reason to show up.
We are happy we were able to provide pyro, fun, education and a gathering spot for pyros who miss the smell of smoke. It wasn’t what we are accustomed to, but it was still a good time. We expect to see many of you later this year at Do It or next year at WWB. If you aren’t a member, and want to stay in touch with the WPA check the WPA Facebook page. We also have a mailing list for members only.
What’s next?

At this point, it’s looking probable that our next in-person event will be Do It, in Hawthorne, Nevada. It will be September 21-25 (the third full week), We’ll have updates on the WPA website, Facebook and the WPA member mailing list.

If you haven’t been to Do It, there’s a few things you should know. 

We also expect to see you at WWB in 2022.
Special thank you to the following folks:
The VWB Team – they created a new and unique event in only 11 weeks. On time and under budget.
The VWB Tech team. You never saw them, but they made a new website, managed webinars and were the invisible force in the background making things possible.
The Sponsors – 2020 was a hard year for pyro companies, but we had great support from our community. Be sure to visit the sponsorship page to see the entire list.
Seminar presenters – in some ways, a virtual event has advantages over in-person events. We were able to get presenters who aren’t able to attend WWB. The seminars were recorded and we’re starting a collection of videos that our members can watch at home. Imagine going to a WWB seminar any time you like. You’ll need to be a member to see the videos.

WPA Board of Directors

What Is a Virtual WinterBlast??!!

Let's Answer Your Questions!

Lifting Spirits With Pyro

Virtual WinterBlast (VWB) is the virtual alternative to Western WinterBlast, which has moved online this year due the COVID-19 pandemic.

Western WinterBlast (WWB), hosted by the Western Pyrotechnic Association (WPA), is the premier US winter pyrotechnic event. It has been held annually in the desert city of Lake Havasu, Arizona in February since 1990.

Historically, WWB offers its attendees participation in many pyrotechnic-related events, including: fireworks displays and demos, seminars, trade shows, pyrotechnic supply vending, open pyrotechnic shooting, afterglow parties, and much more.

For all that WWB has afforded attendees in the past, this interactive virtual event will be a unique opportunity for rare experiences and additional participation!

Attendees can expect to:
● Get a front-row seat to shows and demonstrations designed specifically for the virtual experience.
● Attend virtual tours of places you would not normally see.
● Watch interviews with interesting people and industry talent.
● Witness fireworks manufacturing as you may have been unable to before.

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Registration will be available early January 2021 on the VWB event website.

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Spectacular Displays

Virtual PIT Crew